Welcome to Von Feder Shepherd - private dog breeding company. Our focus has always been on producing German Shepherds with strong bodies, correct temperament, and intelligence. All our german shepherds are bred from working European lines that preserve the attributes and integrity of this breed. Von Feder Shepherds prides itself on breeding, importing, and training the highest quality German Shepherd Dog.

Von Feder Shepherds Mission

Every legitimate breeder needs to have a set of goals on what he (or she) is trying to accomplish in their breeding program. And then seek out the bloodlines that produce these qualities and work them into your breeding program.

Our mission here at Von Feder Shepherds Kennel is to have consistency with our breedings time and time again. We strive to produce dogs that have great temperament,and good nerves. If a dog lacks good nerves, it will never be able to handle the stress of serious protection work. Not only that, weak nerves lead to temperament and personality problems.

Over time you can expect to see consistency and uniformity the puppies you produce. We have been breeding working dogs for over a decade and see that consistency in temperament and nerves. You can be confident that you are buying a puppy with proven bloodlines in experienced breeder hands!

Our kennel offers:

  • adult dogs for sale
  • Imported dogs for sale
  • Puppies
  • Obedience Training
  • Protection Training
  • Tracking
  • In-house Training